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Only Chess Forum

  1. 06 Aug '07 14:50
    I have an idea for a chess cd. How to play blindfold chess. It would lead you through recognizing colors of squares, the different qudrants to visualize, etc. There are so many cd's out there, this one might be of interest. A lot of people are fascinated by the subject. Why put it in a book, which seems counterproductive? At the end of the cd, you could lead the listener through some simple, brief games, like Morphy's game against the Duke of whatever in Paris, which i memorized a long time ago and sometimes play in my head just for fun. You could play it in a car, taking care not to get into a crash, telling the judge you were just about to announce mate in three against Adolf Anderssen.
  2. 06 Aug '07 15:00
    It's not a CD, but there's the Chess Visualisation Trainer: