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  1. 01 Apr '12 08:51
    I just finished a blitz game, and this was the final position. I was black.

    I actually was forced to resign the game here, because my opponent was a guest and was lagging badly ( He had flagged plus a minute more negative time , and I couldn't abort or adjourn).

    I had been planning to meet 1.Qb4 with a nice move, and it's a shame I didn't get to play it.

    Here I planned the dynamic 1. ... Ba6!

    This being a blitz game, I only really analyzed one move for white-the promoting threat 2.b7. (It's not best.)

    White is in a forced mating net! (In 8 !!!)

    Stop right here and try to find the mate before you scroll down!

    I am (intentionally) inserting a blank diagram to give the solution a little space.

    Honestly, I hadn't worked all of this out from here, but I did see a fascinating variation for black (which follows).

    2. ... Re2+!


    3. ... Qxd1+


    Here it looks like black is in a lot of trouble. The queen is under attack, and the threat of b8 is also very strong. Black, however, lands a nice shot.
    Next is the last move that I saw in my calculations. I just assumed that black would have at least a draw or at best a beautiful mating combinations. It's a real shame that none of this actually got played.

    4. ... Rxf2+!

    5.Kxf2 (*5.Kg3 see later)

    Here, there are two paths to choose. In my post game analysis, my first choice was 5. ... Qe2+ 6.Kg3 (6.Kg1 Qf1+ 7.Kh2 Qf2 mate) 6. ... Qf3+ 7.Kh4 (7.Kh2 Qf2 mate again).

    Unfortunately, here black does not have an immediate mate, but there are some fun variations.

    7. ... Qf2+ 8.Kh5 (8.Kg5 Qf6+ 9.Kh5 Qh6 mate) 9. ... g6+

    10.Kh6 (not 10.Kg5 h6 mate)

    Black is still won, but the mate has slipped away!

    The correct response to 5.Kxf2 is much simpler.

    5. ...Qf3+ !! is the way to go.

    6.Kg1 (6.Ke1 Qe2 mate)

    6. ... Qg3 mate

    The rook sacrifice (and acceptance) was the fascinating part for me, but there is one more variation to be complete. I didn not even consider ...


    Black mates here too, but it takes longer.

    5. ... Qf3+


    And here 6. ... Qf6+ sets up another pretty variation.

    7.g5 (7.Kh5 Qh6 mate) and 7.Kg3 are left.

    First 7.g5

    7. ... Rf4+! ( another superb rook sac ! )

    8.Kh5 Be2 mate / 8.exf4 Qxf4+ 9.Kh5 Be2 mate / 8.Kg3

    8. ... Qxg5+ 9.Kh2 Rf2 mate

    Now, White's other 7th move ...

    What analysis would be complete without yet another rook sacrifice ?!!!
    7. ... Rg2+!


    8. ... Qf3+

    9.Kg1 (9.Kh2 Qf2 mate)

    9. ... Qg3 mate

    It is amazing to me that so many variations can all lead to the same or a very similar final mating position (with just two black pieces!). White's king is really just too loose and completely ripped open after 4. ...Rxf2+!! .

    I hope you enjoy this fascinating tactical sequence as much as I did, when I discovered it.
  2. 01 Apr '12 18:19
    fascinating stuff.
    not too difficult to find Rxf2. by intuition you know white's king is in trouble, no?
    to calculate all lines is, however, a completely different story. i didn't even manage to find Qf3+ inside 30 seconds.
  3. 01 Apr '12 18:42
    Originally posted by watchyourbackrank
    fascinating stuff.
    not too difficult to find Rxf2. by intuition you know white's king is in trouble, no?
    to calculate all lines is, however, a completely different story. i didn't even manage to find Qf3+ inside 30 seconds.
    Yes, I seriously doubt that I would have found a lot of these variations. I probably would have followed the Qe2 line (instead of Qf3) and lost on time trying to find a mate. It was the first thing I looked at when I began to examine it. I just couldn't believe all the variations that kept coming up in the post game analysis!
  4. 04 Apr '12 01:48
    Another Blitz Position With A Nice Finish

    I got to play this one out.

    White To Move

    See Move 21

    1-0 (Time)
  5. 04 Apr '12 20:12
    Blitz Game Of The Day

    This is certainly, Laskeresque. (I wander into a seemingly lost position and manage to find a series of moves to keep the game going. I'm not necesarily equal but a nice scrap comes out it, instead of just resigning seemingly a piece down. I am nowhere near Lasker's league, however.)

    A few light notes are included.

    3 Minute Game

    I guess the lesson of the game is never just give up and resign.
    In this game, I got caught in opening preparation, and it seemed like I was going to lose a piece, but determination made me play on.

    Look for a way to complicate the position and make a fight of it.
    I saw that I was losing, but I did not make the win easy. I tried to create a very unusual position with chances for him to go wrong.

    Your opponent is capable of making mistakes just like you do.
    Sometimes when a seemingly obvious win slips away, it takes a psychological toll. Frustration and panic can set in and cause mistakes that one wouldn't normally make (Bxe5/Qa5 for white).
  6. 06 Apr '12 02:42
    Blitz Game (Ending) Of The Day

    I think this one is a fairly instructive ending.

    I was black, and this ending was reached. Look at the pawn structure and see if you can find a similarity to an opening.

    Black has reached a version of the Ruy Lopez Exchange Structure with colors reversed (see diagram).

    In this position, the win is fairly common knowledge. White creates a passed pawn on the kingside, and black is unable to do the same on the queenside (because of the doubled pawns). Usually black chases down the passed white pawn, while white's king walks over and picks off the rest of black's army. This is just a quick idea of the plan. Anyway, if you look at my pawn structure (see diagram), you will see some similarities.

    Black can create a passed queen pawn (on the queenside), and white can not do the same on the kingside (because of the doubled pawns). Remembering patterns like this and being able to apply them in your own games, is a huge help (especially in blitz).

    My goal in the ending (starting with move 21 for black) is simply to trade everything off and reach a won king and pawn ending. White's goal is to avoid this. White does a good job of avoiding black's ideas, but I manage to work up some other good threats in the process.

    I will give a few light notes again. Feel free to start at move 21 or just go through the whole game.

    Please give me a thumbs up, thumbs down, or drop a reply, so that I know someone is interested in these posts (or uninterested).