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Only Chess Forum

Only Chess Forum

  1. Standard member Duncan Clarke
    23 Aug '15 21:45
    Each time I connect, and go to this forum, the blog pop up is activated. I know that greenpawn puts a lot of effort into this - but please, don't shove it under my nose!
  2. 23 Aug '15 22:39
    Hi mate,

    I see it and I wrote it! It just reminds me that I have to do another....

    There is probably a click thingy that both of us don't know about that will
    stop it popping up. Though personally I found that logging on and finding
    out my opponent had not fallen for trap more annoying.


    Actually the next Blog is 99% done. It's a good one and I just need one more game.

    I'll see if I can find one of yours (obviously a loss).

    Looks like you won't be enjoying the next Blog pop-up all that much either. 🙂
  3. Standard member Red Night
    RHP Prophet
    24 Aug '15 00:20
    Hey Greenpawn. Are you still doing your blog?
  4. 24 Aug '15 00:58
    Hello Red Knight.

    I'm afraid so. I just posted my 192nd.
  5. Standard member Red Night
    RHP Prophet
    24 Aug '15 00:59
    I always liked your posts. I will check it out
  6. 24 Aug '15 13:30
    I think there is an [x] style button in the top right of the pop-up that will make it go.
  7. 24 Aug '15 15:02
    HikaruShindo is right. You can close these pop-ups with the [x]. I notice when logging in using another computer, that they always pop up again. So probably it uses cookies or something for it to really work. So make sure cookies are enabled for this site, otherwise they pop up each time again, because the site can't remember.
  8. Standard member Duncan Clarke
    07 Sep '15 21:16
    Now it's there all the time... See what happens if you complain.
  9. Standard member Wulebgr
    08 Sep '15 02:29
    When I cannot close the blog notice to see what's underneath, the forums are dead. They've been weak for many years, which is why I spend more time foruming at another chess site. But, now, they are completely broke.

    At least I can still argue with ignorant missionaries in the spirituality thread.
  10. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    08 Sep '15 16:04
    Looking at this issue now, will update shortly.
  11. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    08 Sep '15 16:31
    This issue has now been fixed. The "X" to close the blog alert box now functions as it once did.