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  1. 29 Jul '10 14:33 / 4 edits
    Sorry, but has anyone else noticed that Jack Rudd (2236) is, as black, playing the Hippopotamus against Mickey Adams (2706)? What a day for unusual opening fans!

  2. 29 Jul '10 14:43
    No need to apologise.
  3. 29 Jul '10 14:54
    I see Jack has just resigned. Bad times.

    Still, Jack must be performing at 260 or so.
  4. Standard member JonathanB of London
    Curb Your Enthusiasm
    29 Jul '10 16:25
    Oh dear.

    Bit of a spank for Jack today ... but he's already played 3 of the top 6 seeds so hopefully he'll pick himself up and get back to having a great tournament.