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  1. 01 Jul '10 20:50
    Yasser Seirawan tells a good story here about Bronstein's tribute game with Walter Browne. But he doesn't say which exact move caused Walter to think for an hour. There's a discussion on Chessgames about what the move might have been, but nothing definitive as far as I can tell.

    I guess we could speculate some more, but I'm really wondering if anyone out there knows for sure. Maybe we could e-mail Yasser or Walter? 😉
  2. 02 Jul '10 11:21
    More speculation 🙂

    The game can be found in the sorcerer's apprentice.Strangely enough Bronstein makes no mention of Browne thinking for a hour.Strange,because Bronstein loves a good anecdote.

    It can only be 1 of 2 moves:
    20.h4 because Seirawan said he was a pawn down and this is the pawnsac
    21.Nf5+ because Browne's answer (Kh7) came as a surprise to Bronstein who had only considered 21.... Bxf5 during his preparations.Or so he claims in the book.

    It could also be 23.Qh2 which Bronstein gives a double exclam.But he claims this was found over the board.I say it could be this because he may claim an otb find to make himself look better.He wouldn't be the first.No disrespect intended.

    All pure speculation on my part,of course.