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Only Chess Forum

  1. 19 May '07 06:23 / 1 edit
    I'll refer my opponents to this thread too. Finals week is coming and I am completely dominated by chess and not studying or doing the work for any of my classes. This is obviously a huge mistake and problem, especially since I'm borderline A in some of them. Thus, I will completely give up chess for this time because it's evident I can't really limit it right now.

    So I won't be posting or playing in my games from now on, until at least the 25th. If I post anything, make sure to ask me wtf I'm doing. (that's mainly why I made this post as I doubt anyone actually cares!)

    - Bye
  2. 19 May '07 06:56
    Well good luck with your exams. I am finishing my Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice in June, so I know about the crunch. Of course, I'm 36 years old and already well into my career, so that adds a bit of pressure...

    nevermind, good luck with your exams.