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  1. 25 Nov '12 03:16 / 2 edits
    Can Fischer Random Chess, be better than Regular Chess in Correspondence??
    If Yes then Why?... [b]and If No then Why?
  2. Standard member vivify
    25 Nov '12 03:33
    Yes, because it's more about skill and creativity, rather than memorized patterns. I think others would disagree, simply because they've put so much study into studying chess based on the conventional set-up.
  3. Standard member SwissGambit
    Caninus Interruptus
    25 Nov '12 04:51
    960 can be fun, sure. I have played it on other corr sites that fully support it. I'm not sure if they ever fixed it to allow castling here.
  4. 11 Dec '12 19:05
    I Agree, but it would let you place pieces so your first move could be castling!