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  1. 06 Apr '16 17:42
    Another moving book cover, another crossword!

    A look at a couple of candidates games leading
    onto RHP games in similar positions.

    How have I linked all together.

    Reti (a crossowrd clue) has a game in the moving book gif book
    which two Red Hot Players have sprung on their opponents.

    Blog 310
  2. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    07 Apr '16 01:01
    In the Caruana v Svidler game you showed a drawing repetition ending in Kh2 ..Rh5+ Kg3 ..Rg5+ Kh3?? which wouldn't draw but lose on the spot to ..Rh1+ Qh2 ..Rh5+ winning the Queen outright. White obviously has to play te King back to h2 and not h3 in order to repeat the position safely..
  3. 07 Apr '16 10:08 / 2 edits
    Hi Marinkatomb,

    You are right, I'll nip in and correct it.

    Thanks .

    (fixed. Actually you were meant to spot the flaw in that line as well.)