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  1. 15 Nov '16 02:33
    A smashing game...long...but interesting.
    It only finished about an hour ago but I've noted it up.

    Also some RHP traps from the opening used by these two.

    And...Snakes and Ladders!

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  2. 15 Nov '16 10:25
    Yeah that was a brutal sluggfest, I fell asleep trying to keep up, an unbelievable game. Almost makes you want to study some endgame stuff.
  3. Subscriber Marinkatombonline
    15 Nov '16 13:57
    You know, I have to say that Carlsen really let one slip there. Not that the win is easy, but if that game had been played in a tournament, Magnus would have converted that position. I have to say i am pleased Karjakin managed to defend so well. The match would have been spoiled had he lost so early. As it now stands, Karjakin has momentum and the white pieces! I can't wait to see the moves! I can't imagine the champ would have slept very well after investing all that energy into a draw.