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  1. 08 Nov '16 10:53

    "Magnus Carlsen is to play Sergey Karjakin in Chess World Championships.

    He fears Russian hackers are working to help his Crimean-born opponent.

    Karjakin is a fierce supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin

    Norwegian Carlsen, 25, has called on Microsoft to shield his secret tactics."

    Believe it or not following the Hilary Clinton email thing I did plan
    on something like this in the Blog..

    Carlsen's team, which he likes to keep secret is locked away
    and other communicate by email. I was saving up a Carlsen's
    email account has been hacked if Karjakin pulled out a super TN.

    I've been gazumped! The article continues:

    "The world chess champion Magnus Carlsen has pleaded with Microsoft
    to protect his secret tactics over fears Russian hackers will discover them.

    The Norwegian is to play the Crimean-born Sergey Karjakin in the World
    Championship final next week. But he fears cyber teams are working to
    help Karjakin who is a fierce supporter of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

    Carlsen has spent months honing his skills and tactics using powerful
    chess computers ahead of the tournament on Friday, November 11.
    He has contacted Microsoft's Norway team and asked for assurances
    his plans would be protected. "