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  1. 02 Nov '16 20:42 / 1 edit

    Not sure which player is going to win this.
    Looked at a game each and consulted a Mystic.

    Found a hilarious 'Post of Doom' from another site

    Hall of Doom with explanation how I find these games.

    Blog Post 331
  2. Standard member ptobler
    03 Nov '16 08:08
    In which program do I find that 'Filter Games' function?


  3. 03 Nov '16 12:42
    Hi Peter,

    I have Chessbase 8. My package was given to me by someone who gave
    up the game. but there is a free chessbase light out there which gives you
    the same functions. CB light has a few things disabled. It is limited in the size of DB.
    There are (or were) ways around this.

    But if you can spare money then get a chessbase DB don't waste it on a chess playing
    program though some may come a search function like mentioned above. I don't know.

    See if you can pick up a cheap CB8 the system is now up to chessbase 13.) so there
    must be a cheap version knocking about somewhere. Maybe someone here has one.

    You have to experiment with it and tweak it to find what you want but sometimes
    I've discovered great things I was not looking for and stored for a later date.

  4. Standard member ptobler
    05 Nov '16 20:06