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  1. 04 Mar '07 08:48
    there are the 10 and 20 threads with checkmates in that many moves. i however always see master games either go into a long endgame or are mated by about move 35. well i think these games would have more value to look at rather than the 10 and twenty so send your games on in. i dont have any i can find now but maybe i will find one.
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  3. 04 Mar '07 10:12 / 1 edit
    Game 1566857 This was an early win and my opponent played horribly.

    Game 1585117 Another early win with my opponent making several blunders.

    Game 1878119 Forced mate on the next move; at the time this victory meant a lot to me since it was one of my first against a 1400+ opponent.

    Game 1960494 Not much to see here; I guess my opponent thought 32. g5 escaped mate .

    Game 2160103 At the time our ratings were much closer, and I enjoyed this game immensely while playing it.

    Game 2423209 I got my cousin to create an account and, well he doesn't play chess. I remember missing a kind of elegant mate in three somewhere in there, but I forgot where.

    Game 2818116 My most recent example; I blundered but managed to pressure him enough to force a mistake, although I think I had a won position after move 19 even if he hadn't made the awful 20...Bd7?? At the time he was mid 1600s but had been in the mid 1700s when I started playing him.

    There are all of them; I enjoy reminiscing about these games .
  4. 04 Mar '07 20:44
    perhaps as a slight moderation it should be, a mate in 20-35 thread.

    I probably have loads of them......
  5. 04 Mar '07 20:50
    if only we could find them with people above 1400 and maybe their ratings be of 150 pts of each other at least.
  6. 04 Mar '07 20:58 / 1 edit
    well anyway -- 2 interesting ones of mine:

    Game 2985093 -rook sac

    I was slightly disapointed with this game because I saw a lovely combo which rather unfortunatly I didn't get to play:

    23...Rb8+ 24.Ka3 Nc4+ 25. Ka4 Nb2+ 26. Ka3 Bf8+ 27. Qb4+ Rxb4 28. Rxe1 [28.cxb4 Qxb4#] Rb8#

    Game 2747090 -dubious knight sac.

    (nb, I propably wasn't 1700 at the time)
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    05 Mar '07 02:03 / 1 edit
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