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  1. e4
    06 May '08
    13 Sep '20 11:04

    I had planned to go and dig up the treasure of Bonnie Prince Charlie
    but the virus thingy put the Scottish west coast out of bounds so
    we (me and Mrs Greenpawn) went to Berwick Upon Tweed instead.

    I found a 1973 book on the King’s Gambit in a wee book shop.
    This had an old scoresheet in it and the blog took off from there.

    RHP member ‘dcpk’ said last blog was his first appearance here.
    He is slightly wrong and now he is making his fourth appearance.

    Finally ‘Dates with Old Mates’ you can guess what that is about.

    Blog Post 464
  2. Joined
    01 Nov '01
    14 Sep '20 01:341 edit
    I stand corrected. A fair representation of my games.
    I'm good for the next 19 years.
    Do enjoy your posts.