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  1. 18 Oct '17 13:39

    A brief look at the 1933 Folkstone and 1936 Munich Olympiads.

    A game was won in 1933 with a blunder. Three years later the very same
    position appeared on the board with the same player. Does he blunder again?

    A Red Hot Pawn player who has twice fallen for the same trap that
    appears in one of the most infamous games in chess Olympiad history.

    We see an example of a piece of human analysis before computers got in
    on the act which end with ‘Black is Winning’ but Black is getting mated.

    A glance back at the Hitler playing Lenin hoax from 2009.

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  2. Subscriber thaughbaer
    Duckfinder General
    18 Oct '17 15:41
    Hitler's thumbed you down
  3. 18 Oct '17 15:53

    He never did like my stuff.
  4. 19 Oct '17 11:52
    Monty was asking about Pickles the Dog.

    Sorry - thought everyone knew.

    In 1966 the Football World Cup was stolen.
    Pickles the dog found it in a paper bag in a bush.
    He immediately became a national hero and
    even stared in a film 'The Spy with the Cold Nose.'

    He died the following year chocking on his own lead
    whilst chasing a cat up a tree (nobody knows the cat's name.)