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  1. Subscriber moonbus
    04 Jan '14 07:59
  2. 04 Jan '14 11:12
    Chess has been one of the best ways to a lunatic asylum. From chess champions, grand masters to unknown chess fanatics - the list is long. *too long to be ignored. Even literature characters who are good in chess went mad. "Luzin's Defence" by Nabokov, for example.)

    There is only one, a single one evidenced case of a man who was let out from a lunatic asylum by the means of chess: he namely submitted to the medical board a list of his capabilities and improvements, and amongst good /"normal"/ behavior, no kicking other in their arses, no cursing dark angels, no nude exhibitions before other patients and nurses, he added also: "I learned to play chess on the level of H category!!" --

    Chess usually drive man mad.