1. Joined
    21 Jan '11
    23 Jul '13 20:56
    In the renewed hunt to play some over the board chess, the local chess club has gotten my attention.

    I wonder for those who are current or former members of chess clubs themselves, if you've any words of wisdom, or what to expect, for someone who would be a complete newcomer to club chess.

    I honestly have no idea what to expect, and will be a few weeks before prior commitments free up the night in question that the club meets, to be able to attend a first club meeting.

    Its been a long time since I've played any over the board chess, and despite playing a bit here in recent years, fear my play in general will be quite rusty.

    Thanks in advance for any titbits, advice or feedback 🙂
  2. Subscriberrookorbycrook
    21 Nov '11
    23 Jul '13 21:27
    i was going every week then just missed about 12 weeks but i would say try and make every week join in and mingle dnt be afraid to ask questions and play play play....... love going to the club then going over some games bk home but over the board more energy and vibe ......