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  1. 22 Jan '18 14:11

    What do Alekhine, Karpov, Eric Clapton, and Isaac Asimov have in common?

    A report on some computer chess rage.

    Chess Coincidences. featuring Carlsen and Minnie the Minx.

    Then two RHP games which share a rare coincidence.

    White using only the odd numbered squares to Checkmate Black. (7 moves)
    Black using only the even numbered squares to Checkmate White. (6 moves)

    How to cut down on your chess book doublers.
    (the coincidence there being you have two chess books exactly the same.)

    The book with a very confusing cover picture.

    Finally a look at a few of my games from this year (2018) and how to set a trap.

    Herman987 - greenpawn34 RHP 2018

    Black to play and set a trap. (which worked!)

    Blog Post 376
  2. Subscriber jb70
    State of Confusion
    24 Jan '18 18:40
    regarding chess books ‘doublers’.
    I give them to the young players (school kids) at the chess club.