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Only Chess Forum

  1. Standard member BlueEyedRook
    Ol' Blue Eyes
    09 Nov '11 02:45
    Can anyone recommend a really good chess diagram generator?

    I really would like to find one that let's you add numbers to the squares of the board -- for example, if you wanted to show how corresponding squares worked.

    Free is, of course(!), better, but I wouldn't mind paying money for a really good program.

    Thanks to all that reply.
  2. 09 Nov '11 11:07
    I've used this to make simple jpgs, and it works ok for that. But I guess you're after something a little bit more high tech...

    Hope this helps
  3. Standard member BlueEyedRook
    Ol' Blue Eyes
    11 Nov '11 03:42
    Yeah, that's a good site, but I was hoping with some more features.
  4. Subscriber PureRWandB
    CCC Club Leader
    14 Nov '11 02:18