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Only Chess Forum

  1. 18 Jan '08 00:13
    I'm new here and love the site, but I'd also like to get in some board time with...well...real boards, not to mention in-person opponents. Does anyone know of any chess haunts in or near the Rockville, Silver Spring, Columbia triangle?

    If not, does anybody who lives in that area know of a place we could take over on a semi-regular basis? My wife and I sometimes play at a nice coffee shop called The Daily Grind but so far no one else has paid us any notice, much less showed up with a board.
  2. Standard member chessisvanity
    18 Jan '08 01:46
    I used to live in washington DC and i am moving back soon...

    Go to Dupont circle in the spring and summer for "real" chess....
    anything from 1 minute games to games with no clocks...bring some money usually goes for 2 dollars a game.

    or go to 1501 M street in DC...thats the uscf chess club...
    Tournaments all the time...usually weekends...and they will tell you where the hot spots are.
  3. Standard member clu
    18 Jan '08 02:46
    There is a club that plays at the food court at lakeforest mall in Gaithersburg.
  4. 19 Jan '08 03:08
    I knew about the Dupont Circle crew, but I'm afraid those guys are way out of my league, at least for now. I had no idea there was a club at Lakeforest, though. That looks more my speed. Thanks for the leads.

    Anybody else?