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  1. Standard member Wulebgr
    04 Aug '15 13:03
    Anyone have this book? Harikrishna's annotations of Rapport--Adly are quite entertaining.
  2. 04 Aug '15 15:50 / 1 edit
    Not got the book, here is the game.

    Rapport - Adly, FIDE World Team Championship 2015

  3. Standard member Wulebgr
    06 Aug '15 03:51
    Yes, that's the game. Harikrishna's article is quite good. There's a lot more in the book, too. Yesterday, I was going through the games section looking at games classified A00-A07. There are a couple of nice wins by Kramnik, well annotated by Branko Tadic.

    I must not be the only RHP member with this publication. Fess up.