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  1. 11 Jul '16 23:57
    Recently by pure chance I picked up Informator No.1 in a charity shop.

    Made a blog out of it. No RHP games. A game I considered as best in
    the book and some glorious and surprising blunders from Informator 1.

    Here is the pick of the bunch.

    D. Minic - K. Honfi, Vrnjacka Banja 1966

    Black played 22...cxb3? (that is the blunder) White played?

    Blog 319
  2. 12 Jul '16 14:57
    I have all three of Informantors under Bobby's picture (is he drinking wine?!, I suppose he invited a girlfriend on chess) numbers 19, 20 and 21.
    (At the time I was junior player, and my present day OTB repertoire is still hanging with those days {Velimirović, Adorjan, Zonal tournament in Vilnus etc; I have notebook in which I noted openings with graffiti pencil from that period}, and I have bronze Infomator from1970 and that pidgeon-blue from 1968 with Fischer's games from tournament in Vinkovci.

    First annotations were short, almost non-existing compared with Adorjan's and Huebner's glosses from seventies.
  3. 12 Jul '16 16:06
    By the way, White played
    Qa7 -- motiff of weak last row