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  1. 22 Aug '16 11:17

    I am watching some games from 1961 and 1967.
    I have tournament book from Bled 1961, and, since I in 1980's had purchased old years of Yugoslav Chess Messenger, I singled out two issues with Fischer's tournament - in Sousse and in Monaco.

    I am translating now some text from Nynorsk into Serbian (*sudden source of tiny "extra" income /extra to nothing/), and as soon I get done with it, I will start looking for some old vintage games of mine, for example old correspondent games from 1980 and some indigo-ed games from Serbia junior ch from 1980.
    I am sure there are somewhere in my messy study.
    I even wrote a mail to ICCF headquarters in USA searching for score sheets of ICCF WC I round from 1980. (*I found some old post cards from that time, from SSSR, USA, Germany, Argentina...), and I asked if they still keep records of old championships, "since I would like very much to see my games" and I got the followinf answer:
    - those records are in the cellar, and have not been put into computer. I don't have time to search, maybe when I get retired!
    Ok, it was a magnificent piece of sarcasm.
    But I think the little notebook with the games is still somewhere in my study, I would really like to see gain how I played as Black in Tarrasch defense and 4 Pawns Attack in King's Indian...