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  1. 01 Oct '07 02:29 / 6 edits
    players have different ratings between 0(100)-3000.
    some of these players may also have different titles associated with their ratings like the following:
    gm: 2500+
    im: 2400+
    fm: 2300+
    nsm: 2400+
    nm: 2200+
    expert: 2000+
    class a (top amateur class): 1800-1999
    class b(strong tournament player): 1600-1799
    class c(average tournament player):1400-1599
    class d(strong social player):1200-1399
    class e(social player):1000-1199
    class f(novice player):800-999
    class g (beginnerII/scholastic player): 600-799
    class h(beginnerI/scholastic player):400-599
    class i(early beginner/scholastic player):200-399
    class j:100-199

    now my question is where would you place those inside the following other categories such as:
    a)beginner intermediate advanced expert


    b)very easy, easy, medium, hard, very hard
  2. 01 Oct '07 02:57
    for me:
    beginner: 0-1399
    intermediate: 1400-1699
    advanced: 1700-1999
    expert: 2000+

    very easy: 0-1200
    easy: 1200-1400
    hard: 1700-2000
    very hard: 2000+