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  1. 04 Nov '13 15:02
    Clearly not as a replacement, but into terms of evolving the game to make a sidekick this seems compelling at first glance. A bit like 20twenty has done with cricket...
  2. Subscriber 64squaresofpain On Vacation
    The drunk knight
    04 Nov '13 16:17
    I wonder if, instead of saying "checkmate" you instead say HADOUKEN! XD

    Seriously though, I'm greatly interested in this variant, and i shall have to follow it's progress and *fingers crossed* it will be released for PC or even games console usage.
    I can see how looking at the game differently could help expand a chess players' line of thinking, and hone their strategic prowess.

    Teleporting Queens, Knights taking their own pieces, Kings scoring "touchdowns" ??? What's not to like!?

    Thanks for sharing this article
  3. Standard member wolfgang59
    05 Nov '13 07:06
    A bit gimmicky but nonetheless interesting. I do agree with the
    problem that he is trying to solve; that of too many draws. But I
    disagree with the solution of making stalemate a win.

    The idea of winning by advancing the king is a good one and I feel
    in keeping with the original "war-game" of chess. I might try that!
  4. 05 Nov '13 09:56
    It was the King "touchdown" that really appealed to me too. There would be occasions where you could sac a huge number of pieces if it gave him a free run up the board. Wasn't too keen on the nemesis idea, but points to this guy for thinking on a tangent