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  1. 11 Oct '17 22:04

    An update on the rules that some may and some may not know.

    A TN from 1978 is used (exploited) by the top players to get
    around the no draws before move 30 rule......and screw it up

    ‘The Winning Way’ by Bruce Pandolfini with RHP examples. As usual
    some of RHP gang turn the ‘The Winning Way’ into the ‘The Losing Way.’

    Blog 370
  2. 11 Oct '17 23:44
    'Winning sic(k)'? No personal attack please, GP.
  3. Subscriber Ragwort
    Ex Duris Gloria
    13 Oct '17 11:51
    Good column once again GP. I enjoyed your paddle round the backwaters of the Ruy Lopez. Personally, I've so far chosen to regain the pawn with Qg5 in the exchange variation where white plays 5. Nxe5. I appreciate it is probably technically better to go for the centre pawn rather than the g pawn but Black can develop the c8 bishop and castle Q side quickly?

    In the Cordel line after

    Is 5...c6 6. Be2 Bd6 a bit better than 5... Bd6 that you gave? I see there is a Timman game in the RHP master database with that.
  4. 13 Oct '17 12:58
    Hi Monty,

    Sorry, was not thinking.

    Hi Ragwort.

    Think it's a possible 6 and two 3's. The move c6 can be delayed.

    6. dxe5 Bxe5 the attractive looking 7. f4 then 7...c6

    My equal assessment looks OK I can see no immediate tactical refutation.

    I did mention 5...Bxd4 highlighting a glaring tactical missed shot but decided
    to take it out because I thought the blog was getting to long and it's a 2005
    game. I try, if I can, use games that have been played on here more recently.

    matzdr - buckfush RHP 2005
  5. Subscriber Ragwort
    Ex Duris Gloria
    13 Oct '17 15:05 / 2 edits
    Black missed ...