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Only Chess Forum

  1. Standard member SPDChess
    Chess Monk
    07 Mar '07 14:53
    Heya All,

    Just downloaded ChessDB. I'm new to this type of software and had a coupla questions. I see a few people here use it so wondering if anyone knew of a forum/blog where I can ask questions on it.

    FWIW, my 1st question is that I am hoping to use it in conjunction with chess books and I wanted to be able to set up the board like the examples... having a hard time doing that. Its being to "smart" and not letting me add/remove pieces willy-nilly :-O

  2. 07 Mar '07 15:43
    The help section of ChessDB explains everything you'd ever need to know quite well. Even then, just looking through the menus you should be able to find Edit->Setup Start Board.

    Not trying to sound flippant, but reading the help is always the best place to start.
  3. Standard member SPDChess
    Chess Monk
    07 Mar '07 15:58
    Thanks, and I understand about the help file but as a modicum of defence for myself... I spent about 1 hour on the tutorial, didn't mention what I needed to know. As for the help.. well it was like trying to find out how to spell (insert any word anything here) in the dictionary. Catch 22. i.e. I didn't know what to look for. I'm not complaining about ChessDB, just a general comment on the often used phrase "RTFM" that as a developer myself I sometimes well, flippant :-)

    Thanks again for taking the time and pointing me in the right direction
  4. Standard member sydsad
    08 Mar '07 05:52
    ....and if you google a bit you might get lucky and find all the games from Classic Chess Books collected in *.PGN format.