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Only Chess Forum

Only Chess Forum

  1. 01 Mar '10 22:06
    Someone nicking the QNP with a Queen.

    Another lad missing a trick for Black in the Pirc

    A wonderful example of a Steel King.

    Plus Colour Blind Bob.
  2. 02 Mar '10 00:19
    I like Bob

    Good game,pitty black lost :'(
  3. 02 Mar '10 01:21
    I know.

    What a great lesson for everyone.

    Talk about 'Check all checks.'

    He took a Rook with a check which was the worse move he could make.
    And he will remember that postion forever.
  4. 02 Mar '10 13:45
    As ever, a great article. This however, is a particularly proud day for me. I've actually played E Bromilow once. And I won! Yes I know that doesn't mean anything at all. And yes, he was completely won but swapped off his last piece for my last piece into a lost pawn endgame. But still. Whoo!