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  1. 24 Aug '11 16:25
    A handful of pics from the Edinburgh Festival.

    I do get request to raise the level a bit so have included a cracking
    Mickey Adams game hopefully catching it right.
    I won't make a habit of it. I like to write for my weakest reader.
    (also noting up some of these games is hard work if I don't
    have an attack or cheapo to get my teeth into.)

    Two instructive wrap ups from Dr Carl Hartlaub.

    (Who he?)

    I've no idea, but he did know how to handle Rooks and Bishops.

    All the theory about the Danish Gambit you will need to know. plus the
    obligatory RHP game. (always a joy to do and have some fun with).

    Blog 4
  2. Standard member nimzo5
    24 Aug '11 21:07
    I missed the 2004 Festival by a week.. all I got was rainy weather and tired bartenders.
  3. 25 Aug '11 00:09
    There are actually quite a few Edinburgh folk who rent out their house for the
    three weeks. (£1,000 is the going rate. ) and they go on holiday till it's all over.

    I live right next to the castle. Every night during the festival they have
    a fireworkl display. I have to scrap my cats off the ceiling.