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  1. 03 Feb '09 08:18
    is their a way to convert rhp games to chessbase? i did notice that rhp uses long algebraic notation and chessbase uses the more popular short algebraic notation... i could see this being a potential problem in converting between the two.

    but if their is a way could someone walk me through it?
  2. 03 Feb '09 10:07
    I've not played on here in ages, but there used to be a get PGN function while playing the game. You could copy and paste it into fritz/chessbase and just save it to your game database.
  3. 03 Feb '09 12:07 / 1 edit
    Yep, I think you can either have a number of game PGNs e-mailed to you, or you can go to Game History for an individual game and copy the PGN for that game into your Windows clipboard. I was able to paste a game PGN into Fritz with no problem, so I'd think it would also work for Chessbase.

    Edit - If you have a PGN file e-mailed to you with multiple games, I'm guessing you'd probably have to "import PGN file" into your database.
  4. 03 Feb '09 15:15
    Email the last 100 or so games to yourself via the RHP feature on your homepage somewhere. If it just shows up in an email, copy and paste it (the PGN info only, not the RHP intro and ending text) into notepad and save it as a PGN file.

    Then simply open up the PGN file in chessbase and either keep it separate or merge it into an existing database (remember to enable duplicate removal feature).