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  1. 18 Oct '12 13:31 / 1 edit
    I played a 3 minutes blitz game against one of the best blitz players of the World.
    He is Grandmaster Emanuel Berg, one of the best players from Sweden.
    He played the french defense, an aggressive line to exchange the light bishops. I prevented the exchange and worked on my development and defended my center.
    He played an aggressive capture. I was able to make a counter-punch to get a small edge and improve my position move by move and got the c-file and a good knight.
    In the last move he blundered his rook. Tried to challenge the c-file, but it was under heavy fire.
    Thank you for reading this post. I wish you enjoy the game and the comments. Please send your ideas, questions as a comment!
  2. 18 Oct '12 13:36
    I've put the notes in with the game.

  3. 18 Oct '12 13:47
    Thank you for putting together the moves and the notes