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  1. 24 Aug '15 16:26
    The following two games were played against the Chess app for the IPad this morning. Both of them saw me in huge trouble and weasel out.

    In game one, the engine is rated 2200, and in game two, it is rated 2260. The computer usually makes a few mistakes in every game. I guess it's because it's not the highest rated setting.

    I should note the credit system too. The Ipad app is free on a credit system or unlimited if you pay. Each game (and other actions) costs one credit.

    You can earn a single credit 3 ways:
    1. Checkmate your opponent - This makes you break even!
    2. Draw your opponent ... With Your Move
    If it's a repetition, you have to reach the position the third time on your move or no credit!
    If it's a stalemate, you have to stalemate your opponent.
    If it's insufficient material, you have to capture the last piece.
    3. Queening a pawn is also worth a credit.

    To earn extra credits, you must win or draw AND queen a pawn.

    When you go broke, you have to play a game against the lowest rated opponent and earn a credit for your usual opponent.

    Anyway, that will explain some of my play in these games.

    It's an odd system (some draws don't count), but I can't complain for free.