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  1. Standard member iru
    01 Sep '10 18:36
    Hi everybody,

    I was looking for some way to generate diagrams (images) after each move in a game in pgn format.
    The idea is to scroll through them on my cell phone.
    First I made printscreens from Arena after each move. That worked but was tedious.
    Then I found epd2diag utility. It made the process much faster but quality of diagrams was not as good.
    Does anybody know of better ways to accomplish this? Does any commercial software (ChessBase,Fritz) has this option?
    Ideally I am looking for a one-click solution pgn->diagrams.
  2. 01 Sep '10 18:59
    hi there. you can try and use (pdf)LaTeX in order to generate pdf files with the diagrams in. indeed, you need besides LaTeX (I recommend MiKTeX) a few packages (namely chess and chessboard). If you need any more help, just write back.