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  1. 12 Sep '12 21:01
    I'd like to share an OTB game. Is there a way, either with fritz or on here to create a pgn with the graphical interface as the inpuut device, rather than having to labouriously type the pgn up?
  2. Subscriber PureRWandB
    CCC Club Leader
    12 Sep '12 21:29 / 2 edits
    Go to this website

    1. Click edit (board on left)
    2. Unclick "Previous Ply Sync" box (Board on Right)
    3. Make your moves on the board (Board on Left)
    Once you are done making the moves
    4. Click Save (top right)
    5. Next to Save, scroll up and type in the info. Date, White's Name, Black's Name, Result, etc.

    6. Then click "View" and then "Load"
    7. Copy the info from the Top right.

    8. Past this in a RHP post between [pgn] [/pgn ]

    There you go...

    Or email me a picture of the score sheet, and I'll do it for you....
    If you want my email, private message me the request.
  3. 26 Sep '12 16:42