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  1. 15 Nov '13 07:28
    Played against me in a cup match last night. What is this opening and should gambit ve accepted or declined?

    I played 3 de ng4 4e4 nxp 5Be3 for an equal seeming game btw.
  2. 15 Nov '13 08:00
    It's called the Budapest Gambit. A friend of mine used it to beat an International Master in six moves!

    The Budapest Gambit is actually a forced win for Black which is why it's banned at international level.
  3. 15 Nov '13 08:32
    Thanks for that gem. Seems my opponent varied on move 3!
    Can it be safely declined?
  4. 15 Nov '13 08:52
    Originally posted by Habeascorp
    Thanks for that gem. Seems my opponent varied on move 3!
    Can it be safely declined?
    Not really, it's one of those gambits which you have to accept to have any chance of gaining an advantage. Whenever I meet an opening which is unfamiliar to me I have a look at to see what other people have played:

    A lot of experienced players play 2.Nf3 rather than 2.c4 to avoid the Budapest.
  5. Standard member hedonist
    peacedog's keeper
    15 Nov '13 11:04
    I find that just developing and forgetting about holding onto the extra pawn is the best way forward. But watch out for some tricks.

  6. 15 Nov '13 16:04 / 1 edit
    Here are some games lifted from the book "The Fabulous Budapest Gambit":

    I used to play it myself for many years, the less ambitious 3. ... Ng4 line rather than the real gambit line, 3. ... Ne4 (the Fajarowicz). I found that I got too many boring positions out of it and not enough quick wins. Nowadays I play the Kings Indian - now that's a Real Man's defence!
  7. 15 Nov '13 16:50 / 1 edit
    1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3

    "The antidote to all gambits." Kasparov.

    Hi Fat Lady.

    Played a good KID in Rd2 of the RHP Championship.
    I got all the plus points any KID player would love.
    Blocked centre, I snuffed out the Queenside play and the Kindside attack played itself.
    Of course my opponent help with some tepid middlegame play.
    His plan appeared to be; 'come and get me.'

    Note how I shun picking up the exchange with mu great Knight.
    I sac it instead on f3.

    batjuchin - greenpawn34 RHP CH 2013

  8. Standard member SwissGambit
    Caninus Interruptus
    15 Nov '13 17:09
    If black knows both the Budapest and KID, then white can't play the Saemisch KID if 1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3.
  9. 15 Nov '13 17:28
    Hi SG.

    Yes that is twister. No f4.
    You might not face a gambit but you have cut down your options.
    All the shaper early f4 lines v the KID/Pirc/Benoni are also out.