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  1. Subscriber Ragwort
    Ex Duris Gloria
    16 Oct '16 12:14
    The Gambit Fantasy Club Club 236 enjoy regular themed tournaments featuring gambit lines both from the forgotten backwaters of chess theory as well as established lines used by current Grandmasters. Some opponents will look up some of the easily available theory and others will wing it.

    The following game was a Danish Gambit sideline and I suppose an example of the type of game we dream of when we offer those pawns.

    The Lasker game mentioned in the notes
  2. 16 Oct '16 16:07 / 1 edit

    Here is one of my efforts from the same club in the Evans Gambit Tournament.

    I play an unsound line as Black. Not many Black's get a chance
    to sac - sac and mate in the Evans. I was a tad lucky....Very lucky.

    Dalradian - Greenpawn RHP 2016

    To show what could have and should have happened.

  3. Subscriber BigDoggProblem
    The Advanced Mind
    18 Oct '16 05:23
    As the above games illustrate, we've got good, strong opposition playing the most exciting openings around.

    -BDP, Club 236 admin
  4. 26 Oct '16 12:14
    OOPS! One lad does not read the forums. This was played yesterday.

    A post above I showed the refutation of this line in the Evans Gambit.

    greenpawn - the7tidlys RHP October 2016.

  5. 26 Oct '16 21:58
    My opponent from the previous game has been in touch.

    He has a win with this line so yes, try it again.

    hoededoe - the7tidlys RHP 2011