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  1. 21 Jul '06 13:33 / 1 edit
    Denker vs. Botvinnik US v. Sov. Union, Radio Match 1945

    I decided to try play from a set peice, Black won in the real game, Black's 1st move should have been 16. Qc7 thretening mate at h2. In the real match white then played 17. Ng3 pinning it to the spot. 17. cxd4; 18. Bxc4. The bishop could not be captured because of an absolute pin Rc1. Instead Botvinnik adjusted to g2 with 18. Qc6, white replied 19. f3. White did not last long however I do not know how Black won the game for real, it was an interesting set peice, over a bit quick though.

    Game 2293161
  2. 21 Jul '06 13:49
    After you're move 6 Nd2 black has Bxf3 and you can't take the queen because you'll get mated, so black missed a chance to stay in the game.Instead of nd2 you could have played 6 Qxb7 and after Kxb7 Nd6 discovered double check winning the queen back and remaining a piece up.
  3. 21 Jul '06 13:57 / 1 edit
    Your right, Bxf3 would have been a good move, I did think about Nd6 but the Bishop at f8 would have had something to say about that