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  1. 06 Jun '10 20:32 / 3 edits
    I know I made some blunders trying to force it. I saw it was a "smothered" losing trade of queens, but I figured I was just praying my opponent would screw up.

    Somewhere toward the end, did I actually have a way to force smothered mate?

    [Event "RHP Blitz rated"]
    [Site ""]
    [Date "2010.6.6"]
    [Round "?"]
    [White "Abu Muhammad"]
    [Black "USArmyParatrooper"]
    [Result "0-1"]

    I can't get it to work

    1. d2-d4 Ng8-f6 2. Ng1-f3 d7-d5 3. e2-e3 c7-c5 4. b2-b3 c5xd4 5. e3xd4 a7-a6 6. Bf1-e2 Bc8-f5 7. O-O Nb8-c6 8. Nf3-e5 Nc6xe5 9. d4xe5 Nf6-e4 10. f2-f3 Ne4-c5 11. Bc1-e3 e7-e6 12. Qd1-d2 Qd8-c7 13. Be3-d4 Nc5-d7 14. Qd2-e3 Ra8-c8 15. Nb1-c3 b7-b5 16. Ra1-c1 Bf8-c5 17. Bd4xc5 Nd7xc5 18. Be2-d3 Bf5-g6 19. Bd3xg6 f7xg6 20. Qe3-d4 Nc5-d7 21. Nc3-e2 Nd7xe5 22. f3-f4 Ne5-c6 23. Qd4-e3 O-O 24. Qe3xe6 Kg8-h8 25. Qe6xd5 Nc6-e7 26. Qd5-e5 Qc7-b6 27. Kg1-h1 Ne7-f5 28. Ne2-c3 Nf5-e3 29. Rf1-e1 Ne3-g4 30. Qe5-e2 Ng4-f2 31. Kh1-g1 Rf8xf4 32. Nc3-d5 Nf2-h3 33. Kg1-h1 Qb6-g1 34. Re1xg1 Nh3-f2 35. Qe2xf2 Rf4xf2 36. Nd5-e3 h7-h6 37. Rg1-f1 Rf2-e2 38. Rf1-f3 Rc8-e8 39. Ne3-d5 Re2-e1 40. Rf3-f1 Re1-e2 41. Nd5-f4 Re2-d2 42. Nf4xg6 Kh8-h7 43. Rf1-f8 Re8-e2 44. Ng6-f4 Re2-f2 45. Kh1-g1 g7-g5 46. Nf4-e6 Rf2xg2 47. Kg1-f1 Rg2xh2 48. Kf1-e1 Rd2-e2 49. Ke1-f1 Re2xe6 50. Kf1-g1 Re6-e2 51. Rc1-d1 Re2xc2 52. Rf8-d8 Rc2xa2 53. Rd1-d6 Rh2-b2 54. Rd8-d7 Kh7-g8 55. Rd6xh6 Ra2-a1 0-1
  2. 06 Jun '10 21:06
    link to the game?
  3. 06 Jun '10 21:36 / 2 edits
    It was a blitz game

  4. 06 Jun '10 21:43 / 4 edits
    It didn't like all those dashes

  5. 06 Jun '10 23:16 / 1 edit
    Hi Paraguy.

    Still jumping out of perfectly serviceable areoplanes?

    I did my 9 years for Queen and country and once they tried to get me
    to get my 'wings'. To hell with that.

    I joined up on two conditions.
    No jumping out of areoplanes and if someone shoots at me I'm off.
    I did not join the army to get shot at!

    Your Game.

    You had a chance to deflect his Queen away from f2 with a good try.

    Now would he have seen his shot with the Queen sac and back rank mate.
    Or would he have remembered the most famous mating pattern of them all
    and played something like 2.Qf3.

    We will never know.

    Have to show it with White going first because although this site has
    worked out how to take money from my credit card they still have yet
    to figure out how to make a PGN thingy dingy work with Black going first.

    This place is run by nit-wits.

  6. 07 Jun '10 00:13
    Um...Doesn't white just play Qxf2 after Rce8? Or am I missing something, as usual?
  7. 07 Jun '10 00:34 / 1 edit
    Ha - correct. (now I'm a nit-wit).

    Although the Queen is pinned there is another Rook on c1.

    Had the postion in mind and got all mixed up cos White had to go first.
    I'm playing Rce8 with the King still in check.

    It's a pain in the butt that bug - wish they would fix it.

    Never mind it was only a blitz game.
  8. Standard member chessicle
    The Chessicle
    13 Jun '10 11:22
    30 ... Rce8 offered White the choice gp hinted at above.
  9. 13 Jun '10 19:45 / 2 edits
    30...Rce8 31.Qxg4 white does not to take Rook.

    It one of them positions that invites mistakes.

    Ignore my postion as I have the White King in check so to give White
    the move because RED HOT PAWN cannot fix the PGN bug.
    and I was so concerned with that it threw me a wobbly.

    Never mind Sonhouse , it kinda proves we don't use engies.