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  1. 10 Apr '12 20:20
    Hello All

    I recently played a game against Lazza and I think it was an interesting game. After mutual inaccuracies the game entered a knight ending which I managed to win.
    However I feel that the game should have ended in a draw. Could some one who is good at endgames or some one with a strong engine confirm whether the white had a draw?

    I have annotated the game in the below link using a weak engine and also my own on the board analysis.

  2. 13 Apr '12 17:23
    Amazing ending.
    First - the opening White had played was quite popular during the 1950's.
    I guess White intuitive gave up Pawn on "c2".

    What does computer say about 18... d5?! I know I would have played in a Blitz.
    Probably bad because
    Qe5+ f6
    Qe2 and so on...

    21. Ne4! must be stronger than Re3.

    Knight ending was attractive, Black would still have advantage even if Black didn't play 23.Ng5.

    If it was OTB game, both of you should be proud of it.