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  1. 09 Jan '09 08:42
  2. 09 Jan '09 10:07 / 1 edit
    I was never quite sure about EvRyDay. He didn't post to the forums much, and when he did it tended to be complete rubbish - his analysis of a game he had won was really weird. He claimed to have beaten an IM when he'd only been playing chess for "a little over a year". I suspect he was a real player, but not particularly strong. Certainly not strong enough to support the massive rating he achieved on this site. He hasn't been banned so I guess I'd better leave it at that. On the other hand, several people I have spoken to about EvRyDay thought he was a legitimate player.
  3. Standard member Dragon Fire
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    09 Jan '09 14:43
    Originally posted by EmLasker
    User 264880
    Yes indeed and I know where he is to this day but I'm keeping quiet on that one.

    I even know who he really is but am not at liberty to disclose that either.

    But beware, I and others are watching you.
  4. 09 Jan '09 14:49
    I remember he posted in very good English and yet didn't know the difference between tactics & strategy. Very odd for a title class CC player!

    I haven't analysed any of his games because he left the site long ago it seems.
  5. 10 Jan '09 16:31