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Only Chess Forum

  1. 02 Jun '15 23:55 / 1 edit
    A collection of games where the player
    who had an idea lost because he had an idea.

    Blog 4
  2. 09 Jun '15 06:43
    Always a good read GP, please keep blogging... but the key question is 'Is the game with ID 11111111 any good?' Surely a crucial question.
  3. 09 Jun '15 10:42
    Hi Silent Knight,

    It would have been had Black played 25...Rxg3.
    White cannot take back on g3 there are three mating patterns
    waiting to played if he does.(might have been blog material.)

  4. 09 Jun '15 11:57 / 1 edit
    Congratulations Greenpawn on managing to polish this turd of a game into something resembling, if not a diamond, then perhaps a 0.1 carat zirconium.

    What a pity it didn't happen:
  5. 09 Jun '15 12:59
    Hi DataFly,

    A' turd' of a game! This is an unsung masterpiece in the making.

    It's often a challenge but providing it's over 20 moves I can usually
    find something interesting /instructive/funny in any game.