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  1. 23 Oct '11 17:30 / 2 edits
    Hey there,

    just finished a very nice game, which was on the edge of been given away. Most of time I was not sure, who is ahead actually, but black had pressure most of the time. You may enjoy the break up of a fianchettoed-king position by a doubtful double bishop attack, a follow-up of crazy knights trying to mate the king alone and finally a pawn storm, that was on the werge of becoming a pleasant breeze.

    Hope you enjoy, it was a pleasure to play with harduf!

    Please let me know your thoughts on the double bishop attack. Harduf and I agreed, it was the start of crazy positions, but was it worth it? You see a better escape? (actually, after the queen exchange both seem to be almost equal, so it is not like the bishops were the super-killers...)