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    Originally posted by philidor position
    not exactly what you're looking for, but here in Blitz WC carlsen moves a piece, lets go of it, and before hitting the clock moves it again. I didn't understand what happened next but my guess is that the arbiter didn't approve the second move and carlsen resigned because of that. this is pure speculation of course. does anyone recognize who's the ...[text shortened]... can figure out what happened from the score.

    the other guy is vugar gashimov
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    I guess it counts as an illegal move, but I'm not a rules expert either.
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    Originally posted by heinzkat
    I guess it counts as an illegal move, but I'm not a rules expert either.
    Would it count as great comedy?
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    Originally posted by cheshirecatstevens
    Lets say you have a candidate move, and you pick up piece x and before you place it down you spot a tactical flaw in your analysis. Can you keep piece x in your hand while re-calculating? Can you go out for a smoke? If when you're outside smoking you drop/set it down or what ever loose touch with it, is your move illegal? Can you replace piece x ...[text shortened]... the same rank? Like for instance you make a Q move but pull a Q from your pocket that is huge.
    I think under ECF rules, you aren't allowed to leave the table when it's your move. This means it's fine to pick up a piece, reconsider, and then hold the piece in your hand while wondering where to put it .. but you can't walk away with it.
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    Originally posted by acb123
    I'm not an OTB player, but I thought you could say " j'adoube"..... I think it means that you were just adjusting the piece..... and not be required to move it. I don't know if you have to say it before touching it. Or maybe that is considered to be cheating.
    Please read carefully Article 4.2 of the official Laws of Chess : -

    '4.2 Provided that he first expresses his intention (for example by saying
    "j’adoube“ or “I adjust&rdquo😉, the player having the move may adjust one or more pieces on their squares.'
    I.E. You must state BEFORE touching that you are only adjusting a man; and you can only move it on it's present square, or if it is partly on a wrong square, move it completely onto the correct one.
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