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  1. Standard member narya
    pawnic attack
    20 Feb '07 03:54
    James Eade: The Chess Player's Bible, Barron's (c)2004. $21.95 USA

    I'm reading this now. On the plus side, trying to follow the game in my head when there are 10 moves between one diagram and the next has been great for exercising my imagination. On the downside, I've already found three typos, which makes me wonder whether the general quality is good or bad.

    It's spiral bound, which is great if you want to lay it flat and follow along with a chessboard, but I tend to read it while cheek-to-jowl in the subway, so it doesn't really make a difference.

    Anyone else read this book?
  2. 20 Feb '07 04:35
    I have this book. I agree regarding the typos; they are numerous.

    It is a nice book for beginners though. It gives a nice overview of the basic tactical and positional themes. I still use the part on endgames sometimes as a quick reference. It is nicely formatted and very readable.