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  1. 04 Feb '15 01:19
    A few readers of The Eagle caught cheating on their Beatles Poems.

    Two traps in the Caro Kann mentioned by Burgess where
    I have discovered a new RHP hero who fell for both of them.

    I also answer WanderingKing's question about 4.d3 in the Two Knights.

    Finish with a recent swindle from a blitz game.

    Blog 4
  2. 04 Feb '15 15:00
    Great blog Greenpawn. I am a relatively recent convert to the Caro Kann, and I've fallen into Ng5, Nxe6 / Nxf7 traps countless times in blitz games! Another one I often fall into is Ng5 and then other knight to e5, hitting f7 before I get a chance to castle.
  3. 04 Feb '15 16:42
    Thanks, GP. I've only found one Marshall game where he played 4...d5. Here It is:

    I'll be looking more closely at other games where this move is played. It still doesn't come anywhere near the pleasure of the Trazler variation, but it does seem like more fun than anything I've played before.
  4. 04 Feb '15 18:28

    Don’t feel I’ve fully answered Wnaderking’s question in the bloggy thing
    so for the interested reader here is something to look for in the 4.d3 line.

    What a Difference a Pawn Moves Makes.

    Same line but with 7.h3 thrown in.