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  1. 29 Jan '09 11:11 / 2 edits
    I was so close to getting to a non-provisional 1800 rating for the first time in my life at FICS yesterday. I missed a beautiful combination around move 28 (Rxg6!!), but managed to convert the advantage into a totally won ending.

    Well, I played the ending pretty well for 4-5 moves, and guess what, at the final moment where a simple move would almost announce mate (44. Kxd6), I absolutely blew it and offered a draw myself. I was in time trouble, but I still had several minutes. I can't believe I couldn't make a very simple, basic calculation. I failed to see a way to stop the e pawn at the end with the bishop. It's so obvious!

    For the few last days I've been playing at FICS often, and I noticed the pattern. In chesstempo standard, I can make extreme calculations with pretty good accuracy, and even surprise myself. But in games, over and over again, I miss such things. I've been trying to refine my thinking process in the games, but obviously I'm doing it weakly. I'll try harder next time. anyway. here's the game. I was white.