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  1. Standard member Spacetime
    Not material
    05 Aug '06 03:47
    I thought I would win this game for sure, but I made a mistake very near the end and it was drawn. Does anybody have any advice for this sort of endgame? I'm sure it's obvious I don't have much experience with knight and pawns vs bishop endings..

    I am particularly interested on where I went wrong in my thought process. I spent a long time analyzing this and I missed the winning move.

    Game 2271244
  2. 05 Aug '06 03:51
    move 45 cost you you should have taken the pawn not push your pawn up then you could have walked your pawn up with the king protecting it and leaving your bishop to gaurd your pawns while you march your pawn up the board the knight could not stop it. in end games first elimenate enemy pawns unless they are attacking yours at the same time unless the exception. calculate what they could do if i go here they do this etc etc. typically in the end game you had bishops are better than knights.
  3. 05 Aug '06 03:53
    i dont think you could have won that endgame he queens and gets the first check after queening usually the game winner. also if you are both going to queen whoever gives the first check usually wins.
  4. Standard member Spacetime
    Not material
    05 Aug '06 04:02
    Yeah, I was actually the white side here, I agree I thought I was winning at one point. Could I get your advice for the white win here?

  5. 05 Aug '06 04:06
    first you use your king to isolate his king making it so his king can't get in front of yours so he can attack your pawns and march them up the board. white won easily.