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  1. 23 Feb '09 18:49
    reviewing why I ended up drawing this game (I'm black)

    Game 5919759

    looking back when he played 52 Kg3 I should have kept my queen on that rank

    imagine that didnt happen though - from move 53 how should i have forced mate with queen vs 2 connected pawns on the wing???
  2. Standard member RECUVIC
    international loser
    23 Feb '09 19:05
    51-Queen B1-h7 wins easily!---------
  3. 23 Feb '09 20:42
    I think you should not allow white king to go ahead, block white pawns with qeen and activate your king, for example: 53...Qe6 54.Kf4 Kb4 55.g6 (55.h6 Qg6 and white pawns are blocked, black wins) Qf6 56.Kg4 Kc4 and black King goes to e4 with win.

    Why don't you join Personal Chess Training Club, it's a great place which will allow you to improve your endgame play significantly.
  4. 23 Feb '09 21:37
    cheers for feedback - i get it now

    my endgame skills def need some work!