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  1. 15 May '07 15:35 / 1 edit
    Generally speaking, what has the advantage during the endgame? Two rooks or a Rook, knight and bishop.

    Assming a semi open position (aprox 1/2 the pawns gone)

    I know that normally you would say that the side with the R+N+B is 1 Pawn equivelent up but I seem to remember a peice of research that possibly questioned this assumption for an at least partially open endgame.

    Does anyone know a link for this research? It was into piece values and was posted on the forum some months back? It was a peice that re-evaluated and confirmed some of the long held beliefs of the relitive values of peices at different stages of the game using a large statistical sample for comparitive analysis.
  2. Standard member irontigran
    Rob Scheider is..
    15 May '07 18:15
    reassess your chess is a awsome book....i think it talks about this with some real examples.....
  3. Standard member irontigran
    Rob Scheider is..
    15 May '07 18:16
    they say what the plan is from both sides of the take double rooks in most situations...
  4. Standard member hammster21
    15 May '07 21:14
    I think it would depend largely on the pawn structure. I would take the R+N+B as long as all of my pieces could defend each other. Then all you have to do is try to trade off your rook so it becomes a rook vs knight + Bishop, in which case i would gladly take the two pieces.