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  1. Standard member chessicle
    The Chessicle
    26 May '07 07:07

    I was Black here, and having lost the companion game, not very optimistic about going through to the next round of the banded dual tournament. Then White resigned. I do have a bit of pressure, with an extra pawn, an active king and my rook backing everything up, but I don't have a passed pawn, white's rook is also actively placed, and his king is well placed to blockade my pawn majority. Anyone else think white should be able to hold the draw?
  2. 26 May '07 07:38 / 1 edit
    Hey, I'm playing in that tournament! Anyway, yeah I think white could potentially draw this, if they don't screw up of course. Black has an extra pawn, and blacks pieces are a little more developed, but the pawns are all pretty symmetrical, and top rated players have been known to scrape miracles out of worse. As long as the rooks don't come off I don't see why white couldn't draw this one pretty easily.
  3. 26 May '07 07:41
    On the other hand... I don't know, I'd say you definately have good odds here. Not enough to make me want to resign though.