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  1. 31 Jan '11 02:05
    It was not as bad as I thought it might be.

    Blog 4

    Some lad posted a link in the comments and I dug out the game.

    This shows you what can happen if you mess about too much with a won game.

    B. Wood - K. Marshall English League game 2011

    I wonder what White's team captin had to say about it?

    I had a look at Swiss G's blog. He's crazy if he thinks I'm trying those.
    (Seceretly I think he hates us all.)

    Blog 5

    Of course the joy of retrograde problems is that it knocks out
    solvers who like to use a box and take the credit.

    And yet Thomaster has actually solved the 2nd one.

    The task was to reach this position;

    In 25 moves. He did it thus...